Corporate Member

USD 200 per annum.

Applicable to commercial businesses.

There are two subcategories within Corporate Membership based on type of business.

A Pest Control Company

A company providing products or services to the Pest Control Industry

  • USD 50/person discounts on FAOPMA-Pest Summit registration fee
  • Can nominate an employee(s) to be part of FAOPMA Task Forces
  • Can advertise on FAOPMA website or FAOPMA magazine at a discounted rate
  • Priority in participating FAOPMA-Pest Summit as a sponsor or an exhibitor
  • Listed on FAOPMA website and publications as an official member of FAOPMA
  • Can use FAOPMA logo on their website or other media to promote its membership status
  • Receive FAOPMA updates and FAOPMA magazine via email
  • Can attend AGM as an observer

Your membership will be from 1st July each year to 30th June next year. When you first join as a member, you will be charged by prorate. The renewal invitation will be sent to you via email May each year.

For enquiries about membership, contact us at:

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