An interview with an Icon - Chow-Yang Lee


Interview by Stephen L. Doggett

Note that Prof Chow-Yang Lee is the Keynote speaker for the upcoming FAOPMA-Pest Summit 2020 Virtual Conference, 18-19 Nov 2020.  

Introduction: In the first six issues of FAOPMA Magazine, I have been privileged to interview several notable figures in the industry, the majority being owners of very successful pest management companies. This issue, we take a break from focusing on icons in business and feature the most successful and influential researcher in the field of urban pest control who has ever existed in the Asian region. Prof Chow-Yang Lee, in an incredibly stellar career that is certainly a long way from over, has already published more than 240 peer reviewed papers, supervised four postdocs, 15 Ph.D., 29 M.Sc. students, and more than 80 honors degree students, and won multiple awards for his vast achievements. Recently he left his home country of Malaysia and moved to the US to take up a very prestigious Professorial position at the University of California. 

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