Distinguished Speakers
  • Dr. Christopher Suter

    As the Director of Qualifications and Certification at the Royal Society of Public Health in London Chris heads the leading UK examination board for pest management . RSPH is also an accredited Certification Body for international standards, including BRC standards and ISO 9001. RSPH will be offering certification to the new CEPA Certification Scheme for the CEN Standard for Pest Management Services.

    Chris is a graduate in Biology and has a PhD in Insect Neuropharmacology. Following several years of postdoctoral research he became a lecturer in Biology at a large college in the south of England before moving to RSPH. As a member of the committee that developed the CEN Standard for Pest Management Services, Chris Chairs the UK national group and delegation and in addition Chairs the Validation sub-group. He also developed the Protocol for the CEPA Scheme that will ensure client confidence in certificated pest management companies. Chris enjoys visiting and working in Hong Kong , Southern China and India and has done so on many occasions in his role as the Principal Verifier in Science for Pearson, one of the largest awarding bodies in the UK, and with the Indian Institute of Public Health, developing training programmes in food safety.

  • Dr. Peter Whittall

    Peter is both an international business man and passionate ‘techie’ who has held board and global senior leadership roles across the Technical, Operations, R&D, Science, Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs functions with a number of global companies which include ICI, Shell, Unilever and Rentokil Initial working within the Public Health & Environmental Services, Food Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Sectors.

    Peter currently divides his time between managing the small boutique technical consultancy (Tripod Consulting Limited) where he is both founder and executive director and acting as chief scientific advisor to the global environmental services company Rentokil Initial PLC. A chemist by training, Peter’s passion is to find ways of stimulating international cooperation resulting in not only the identification and application of breakthrough technology but also the creation and rapid commercialisation of these into the service and consumer environments across the globe.

    He has worked with virtually every type of food preservation system and high care factory environment and most recently has chaired the CEN European work stream on competence supporting the creation of a European standard for the pest management industry. He also advises a number of companies at the Board level on sustainability, future technology horizons and the creation of competitive business strategies.

  • Mr. Rob Fryatt

    Rob Fryatt is well known throughout the global pest management industry and especially to anyone who attends the annual FAOPMA events where he has been a delegate and regularly invited speaker for over 15 years. Indeed the first FAOPMA event he attended was in Hong Kong in 1997. Through conference presentations and his feature articles within the industry media Rob frequently shares his views and extensive experience from around the world. Rob benefits from having held senior commercial positions in ICI, Zeneca and Sorex before building Xenex (www.XenexAssociates.com)into the industry’s leading international strategic business consultancy.

    Rob understands industry associations and federations well, having spent many years as a member of the executive of the British Pest Control Association of which he is a lifetime member. In addition he spent several years as the Director General of CEPA, sister organisation of FAOPMA in Europe. Rob is currently the independently appointed chair of the CEN TC404 Workgroup developing a common European Pest Management Standard due for publication later this year.

    Rob writes regular opinion columns for a number of international industry publications and through Xenex Associates. provides strategic commercial business services to many of the industry’s most respected companies More recently Xenex has been involved in developing the unique “Beyond-Agriculture” concept as a bridge to the Chinese industry through the respect and credibility it has worked to build within world’s fastest growing market, where Xenex have a representative office and a close relationship with the Chinese Pest Control Association where Rob is a columnist for their quarterly magazine.

Other Speakers
Experience Sharing on Exisiting Service Practices & Mandatory Policies in FAOPMA Members' Country Region
  • Mr. Stephen Ware
    Executive Director
    Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA)
  • Ms. Huang Xiao Yun
    Vice Executive Secretary-General
    Chinese Pest Control Association(CPCA)
  • Mrs. Deanne Ong
    Vice President
    Environmental Management Association of Singapore (EMAS)
  • Ms. Tannie Sze
    Honorary Secretary
    Hong Kong Pest Management Association (HKPMA)
  • Dr. Motokazu Hirao
    Japan Pest Control Association (JPCA)
  • Mr. Eun Gu Lee
    Secretary General
    Korea Pest Control Association (KPCA)
  • Mr. Raymond Lee
    Ordinary Committee Member
    The Pest Control Association of Malaysia (PCAM)
  • Mr. Su-Chart Lee
    Chief Advisor
    Thailand Pest Management Association (TPMA)